I’m a freelance writer and editor who brings a love of language and a passion for meaningful content to each assignment. My career that has taken me from newspapers to magazines, books and the web; I’ve authored five books and ghost-written several others and have served in various editorial capacities for some 40 more. I’ve written and edited more articles than I can count and have served as a consulting editor and writer for numerous publications and businesses.

I’ve recently added a new offering to my list of services: help with college admission essays. I love working with students, and I am thrilled to be able to teach them techniques for overcoming the anxiety that comes with high-stakes writing tasks like college essays. When we actually get started on the essay, I ask questions and more questions; in the process of answering, the student selects a topic and organizes his or her thoughts. Then we write—or rather, the student writes. Then we edit, again with questions and more questions, and along the way, I share tips about writing that the student will be able to use long after the essay is done. Finally, we proofread to make the essay as perfect as it can be.  Check out for details.


I’m always interested in connecting with new clients.  Contact me to discuss:


  • Writing of articles and books
  • Ghost-writing of articles and books  
  • Web content
  • Writing for different reading levels


  • Developmental editing
  • Copy and line editing
  • Americanization of British text


  • Recipe editing
  • Recipe development

Other Stuff

  • Proofreading 
  • Interviewing
  • Research
  • Resumes and bios (in all fields)
  • Family and corporate histories

To learn more, contact me at  


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