The Books at My Table

Friday Night BitesFriday Night Bites: Kick off the Weekend with Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family (Running Press). A collection of 20 themed dinners for families with kids, with full menus and recipes, game plans, do-ahead strategies and kitchen tips, plus related crafts, activities, trivia questions, dinner-table conversation starters and lots of silly fun for Friday night or any night!

easy peasyEasy-Peasy Recipes: Snacks and Treats to Make and Eat (Running Press) Colorful and straightforward, Easy-Peasy Recipes features delicious, nutritious, and fun snack recipes that young kids can make on their own. No stoves, ovens, or sharp knives are involved in the thoroughly followable step-by-step illustrated instructions. Yummy snacks like Dig This Pineapple Parfait and Captain Taco Salad can be easily assembled in just a few steps. Kids will discover the pleasure of making their own food with healthy, easy-to-find ingredients, plenty of room for experimentation, and loads of fun!

Little Black Book of Hors d'OeuvresThe Little Black Book of Hors D’oeuvres (Little Black Books) (Peter Pauper Press) A gift for the host or hostess, with recipes for delectable hot and cold munchies from all over the world, plus tips for entertaining with hors d’oeuvres. 

Little Black Book of CoffeeThe Little Black Book of Coffee (Little Black Books) (Little Black Book Series) (Peter Pauper Press) A perfect gift for the coffee lover, with recipes for flavored  coffees, “spirited” coffees (for those who prefer a stronger drink), desserts and snacks made with coffee and desserts and snacks that go well with coffee. Plus, the history of coffee, and information on beans, roasts, and how they all come together to make the perfect cup!

American Indian Traditions and Ceremonies (World Publications) American Indian life has long been enriched by ceremonies marking important events. For the American Indian, the spirit world is present throughout nature and in every aspect of human life, and ceremonies were one way in which people could show their respect, give thanks and pray for good fortune. The daily life of the American Indian was governed by tradition an awareness of the supernatural. Utilitarian objects such as pottery and clothing were decorated with symbols and motifs which had spiritual significance. This beautiful book, with hundreds of black and white and color photos, celebrates, the rich and varied traditions and ceremonies of the American Indian.


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